Rachel is currently in Los Angeles. Rachel is a union performer: SAG-AFTRA, Irish Equity, Equity UK.

Rachel voiced the Dran for Austin based GunFire Games at Warner Bros Audio on Remnant II: The World of Losomn. Check out the trailer here.

Rachel performed voice and performance capture in Hogwart’s Legacy for Warner Bros. Meet her character Professor Niamh Fitzgerald, ex-Headmistress of Hogwarts, in the ‘Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial’. Rachel also lends her voice to a Guardian, student and Nearly Headless Nick’s ghostly wife.

Rachel worked on Paramount/Nickelodeon gorgeous feature animation The Tigers Apprentice.

Listen to Rachel here on GLISTEN+ Dramatic Podcasts American Leprechaun.

Recently wrapped voices on audio movie event Unsinkable with Brian Cox, John Malkovich, Thomas Brodie-Sangster And Harry Hamlin – Deadline article.

Performed with Alexx Henry of Blue Vishnu and Ian Forester of VR Playhouse on a presentation to Siggraph using Unreal engine and Xsens tech. Facial/Motion Capture in House of Moves for video games and voiceover for various corporate entities.

Voiced characters on hit fictional podcasts Dreamland, Professor Nasty and coached for the 19Crimes augmented reality marketing campaign.
She works looping films – mainly British and Irish voices (Jackie Chan The Foreigner etc).

Training includes Roy Hart Vocal Resonators.
Energy point work using Grotowski technique and Ouspenskaya animal work.
Trained sword fighter – rapier & dagger, broadsword, knife, unarmed combat… Working 20 years in voice, green screen, on-camera and numerous award winning film and theater productions.

Personal sound booth includes: 

– Sennheiser MKH 416
– Audient id14
–  Adobe Audition
– acoustic treatment.
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Email rachel@rachelrath.com for availability.

Los Angeles – 310-324-9800
New York – 212-730-4500

Voice123 | Voices.com

Audiobook narrations:
– Audiobook Irish Accent
– Audiobook Irish Accent 
– Audiobook Irish Accent 
– Audiobook UK teen Accent
– Audiobook Scots Accent

– Molly on the Phone
– Pedigree Chum Commercial 
– Goodfellas Pizza Commercial 
– Dublin Child Comedy Promo 
– Scottish Comedy Promo 

Rachel Rath is Little Miss Voiceover

Accents, Characters and Dialects

Accents are a specialty – I am phonetically trained with elocution and have a 3 octave vocal range.

Day to day voice is described as sparkly with soft lilt.

Dialects Include: Regional Irish(including Northern Irish), Regional English, Regional Scottish, European, Eastern European, Russian, Australian, South African, USA – Excellent Mid Atlantic, Southern Belle, New York, Los Angeles.

Voice Experience

Performance / Motion / Facial Capture for video games | Green Screen Performer on feature films.

Cartoon Characters – listen to demo for samples.
Favorite work includes Libby in ‘Wulfie’ and Terry the Psychic Dog Commercial.
Voice Coach for several projects including the augmented reality ‘Nine Lives’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGLiyeGY8k4

Favorite Radio Play roles include the pregnant Russian secretary for ‘The Atlas Man’ for Ireland’s National Station, RTE. Having a baby on air happens only once in a lifetime and various for writer director Marc-Ivan O’Gorman on the IMRO nominated radio docu-drama ‘Flann O’Brien’ for Lyric FM as part of the Myles Day celebrations. Listen to the playback here.

Voiced Airplane Simulator Video Game.
ADR – American Deep South Accent for Road Runner Films, Irish language ADR for two film productions.
Looping includes Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan movie ‘The Foreigner’ and award winning ‘A Dublin Story’ (selected for nomination for an Academy Award).

Green Screen Voice Aide for Anne Hathaway, Heidi Klum, Jimi Mistry and more – ‘Ella Enchanted’ (Miramax)
Motion Capture for Ryan Payton ‘République’.


Trained to develop and interpret advertising copies for Television Commercials and Radio Commercials with ‘Velvet Voice’ a training facility for performers who wish to pursue a career in voice-over. They train artists with in-studio experience and instruction in a state-of-the-art recording studio environment. All Velvet Voice instructors are professional performers, producers and sound engineers/editors who have made their mark on the industry. Voice Over Specialist Brian De Salvo and Sound Engineer/Editor Tommy Ellis were my tutors.

Phonetically trained Abbey School of Drama – Accent Work/Character Work
Sight Reading Margie Haber
Comedy Improv training including Character Work (Second City, Groundlings)
Grotowsky Vocal Harmonics and Resonators
Roy Hart vocal technique with Stuart Pearse (Globe Theatre, London).
Commedia de’ll Arte – Character Work
Physical Workshops with Barabbas, David Pledger, Corn Exchange and Dance Theatre Irl. Viewpoints (Anne Bogart) with Caroline McSweeney. Acting for Screen with Vinny Murphy, Performance Year Gaiety School of Acting with Liam Halligan(Stanislavsky), Black Box Improvisation & Acting for Screen Masterclasses with John Dawson, Camera Performance Ireland with John Cantwell

Performance Capture training includes certification in stage combat, knife, swords and physical theater techniques

Studio Equipment

Sound booth includes – Sennheiser MKH 416, Audient id14 with Adobe Audition and acoustic treatment. Get in contact for Source Connect, Skype info…

Additional Skills

Los Angeles improv comedy troupe Blank Label Improv.
Founded LA group Aye Aye Men – Comedy Improv Troupe
Performed 8 yrs with The Craic Pack – Comedy Improv Troupe
1 yr Peppers Comedy Improv Troupe
2 yrs Galactic Circus – Virtual Reality Improv Theatre

Feature Film & Television Roles Performance
Various Leads and Supports ; ‘Folklore'(Feature Film) ‘Anton’(Feature Film), ‘Axe Raiders’ (Feature Film), ‘Cycle’ (Feature Film), ‘Paranoia’ (Feature Film), ‘League of Gentlemen – The Apocalypse’(Feature Film), ‘Bachelor’s Walk’ (RTE Series 3), ‘Laws of Attraction’ (Feature Film), ‘Ella Enchanted’ (Feature Film), ‘Rat’s Tales’ (ITV Series)2002, ‘The Actors’ (Feature Film), Damien Rice (Music Video), ‘Custer’s Last Stand-up’ (BBC TV Series)

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August 28, 2017