Scripts in development include:

MAYFLY – Feature Biopic
A renaissance woman, Lilian Bland lived a hundred lives in one, but the life she lived in 1910 won her a place in history. A photographer, journalist, jockey, markswoman and martial artist, she turned her attention to flying, and within a year she was the first woman in the world to design, build and fly her own plane, detailing her adventures in Flight Magazine. With the help of her gardener, a blacksmith, a whiskey bottle and an ear trumpet, this is the true story of how the MayFly took to the skies on the shores of Lough Neagh. (Script Available) *AustinFilmFestival 2nd rounder
Location: Ireland/UK
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I’M DYING HERE – Feature Comedy
When Jennifer is diagnosed with terminal cancer and weeks to live, the big-city life she never really wanted comes crashing down on her, and she flees to the last place she felt joy – Grandma’s cottage in Ireland. Pity Grandma’s long dead and the cranky American living in her house isn’t moved by Jennifer’s insistence on dying in his bed. (Script Available)
Location: Ireland/UK

NURSE OR PURSE – Feature Comedy
When 75 year old Helen’s husband passes, her girlfriends assume they’ll spend their senior years together. But when she suddenly elopes to Panama with a silver fox, her friends conspire to stop the wedding, convinced her new old beau is only interested in Helen to pay his bills or wipe his ass. (Script Available)
Location: US/Panama/Barbados

FROM THIS LAND – TV pilot/Bible
Jesse is on the verge of success. All her hard work as a big city attorney is finally coming to fruition just as her country home comes calling. Her mother’s mind is failing and with it, the farm. As the staff up and quit and the tenants take advantage, Jesse travels home for the weekend to put a band-aid on a gaping wound – back in the city she just needs to close that lucrative deal and she’ll be made partner, then she can return to Big Country and sort everything out. But a pasture left untended can quickly turn briar patch… (Script Available)
Location: Texas

HEART – Feature Teen Horror
Francie has a heart condition since birth, her life changes when a donor heart becomes available. She starts having recurring nightmares that she can only attribute to the death of her donor. She sets out to investigate what happened to her and solve her donors murder. (Script Available)
Location: Kentucky

JO LARKIN – Feature Drama
Jo Larkin grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, but she got out. Now 10 years later, working in a bank across the country, her past catches up to her when she recognizes one of a gang of armed robbers who take the vault. Volunteering as hostage to save her friend, she’s embeds herself with her enemy, determined to pick them off one by one. (Script Available)
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Projects directed include:




‘The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.’ Charles Dickens
Directed by Rachel Rath




Love or loath them – it’s a hen night!
Directed by Rachel Rath



6 episode web series

Directed by Rachel Rath


The Grand Disaster TV Comedy Pilot – Created by Jennifer Hartnett

Directed by Rachel Rath

August 28, 2017